Queen's Student Managed Fund

This dashboard charts the performance of the real money student managed fund since its inception in 2016. The coding and API work was undertaken by Daniel Colbeck (CTO 2020-2021) and the DevOps work done by Quinference. The dashboard gives you a choice of total or price returns, daily or monthly, for the full portfolio or on a sector basis. Note that an apples versus apples comparison is with price returns as the SMF investment process precludes the immediate reinvestment of dividends. Finally, ethical investing is a central tenent in the QSMF experience. The table at the bottom lists the current holdings with their combined ESG scores (which in the interval [0,100]) Refinitiv Methodology of ESG scoring.

Portfolio management is not just about picking winners, but managing portfolio risk relative to benchmarks. The dashboard also includes statistics on a rolling information ratio, a indicator of how well the fund is doing compared to our FTSE350 active benchmark. The dashboard illustrates the full density of this measure as well as the evolution over the selected period of analysis. Note that to make this statistical measure credible a minimum period of 6 month should be selected.

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